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‘The Story Isn’t About Sex’: Mark Camilleri Explains Why He Wrote About Rosianne Cutajar’s Alleged Affair With Yorgen Fenech

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Author Mark Camilleri has defended his decision to include allegations of a sexual affair between PL MP Rosianne Cutajar and murder suspect Yorgen Fenech in his new book.

Camilleri said today he wanted to address “stupid” comments which criticised him for writing about Cutajar’s private life and which accused him of adopting sexist undertones.

“The story isn’t about Rosianne Cutajar’s sex life but about how she took money from Yorgen Fenech as payment for her work defending the corruption allegations against him and criticising Daphne Caruana Galizia’s investigative work in Malta and overseas,” he said.

“It makes no difference that Rosianne is a woman, and the story isn’t about sex. It’s about how Rosianne Cutajar, as a minister, had an affair with a corrupt person with the intention of gaining more power and earning underhanded money.”

“It’s unacceptable for ministers to have illicit relationships with businessmen to acquire power.”

“Clearly, Cutajar was introduced to Fenech by [former OPM chief of staff] Keith Schembri, who wanted to utilise her political power so he could conduct illegal and illicit business with Fenech.”

“Fenech would pay Cutajar for political support, even though everyone knew Fenech was corrupt and was being investigated.”

“There’s no shame in working in prostitution and the sex industry, but a minister should be working as a minister and not having sex with barons and engaging in corruption with them behind closed doors. I think it’s obvious, right? She could have been a man, it makes absolutely no difference.”

In his book, ‘A Rent Seeker’s Paradise’, Camilleri makes it clear that he found previous reports by Caruana Galizia against Cutajar, most notably since-disproved claims that she was an escort, to be unfair and with classist implications.

However, he emphasised that the MP “showed no empathy or remorse for the fact that Daphne was murdered” and even “went on to have her revenge as well” through her relationship with Fenech.

Cutajar has ignored requests for comment on these allegations.

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