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The Weather For Carnival’s Long Weekend Is Fresh AF

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Carnival weekend is upon us, and whether you’ll be making your way to Gozo or staying in Malta, you’ll be happy to know that this long weekend is looking pretty damn fine.

Friday is set to be the warmest day, with temperatures hitting highs of 19°C, with a very small 10% chance of rain. There will hardly be any wind, but it will slowly start ramping up in the evening, so if you’re not a big fan of a rocking Gozo Ferry, try to go up as early as possible. 

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The wind will continue to ramp up, reaching its climax on Saturday. It won’t get higher than Force 5, but with temperatures falling to 12°C, it’s probably best to pack an extra layer. Saturday will also be quite cloudy, so there might be a small chance of rain overnight. 

Sunday morning will see the rest of the long weekend getting much better, with the wind calming down and the chance of rain decreasing even further. Carnival’s last couple of days get even sunnier, so get ready for a couple of great fresh days in your costumes!

Photo by Warren Mangion

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