These Horrific Photos Of A Maltese Cliff Face Are The Saddest Sight You'll See Today

Some people just never learn

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A set of shocking photos taken in the southern coast of Malta were uploaded on The Salott last weekend. In the photos, used oil appears to have been illegally dumped along a stretch of 50 metres of the cliff face, ruining the otherwise stunning scenery.

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The sight was spotted "in the direction towards Għar Ħasan area, limits of Ħal-Far," and the person posting the photos made it a point to express his disappointment and frustration. "I'll refrain from using fruitful adjectives. When will we ever learn? Just sad!"

What's worse is that according to some of the people who commented on the post, this has been going for years. This particular episode has allegedly already been reported to the police, but apart from the fact that damage like this is difficult to reverse, we were hoping we lived in a time when these things don't happen in the first place. 

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And while a lot of people have come out to attack the person behind this as being highly ignorant, this comment explains the sorry situation behind it all.


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