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This Ad Is Offering Minimum Wage For A Bilingual Cleaner With University Degree In Malta

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A new advert asking for some rather high qualifications for a housecleaning job in Sliema is making people wonder what the future of working will look like on the island.

“We are looking for a full time housekeeper,” the classified begins innocently enough. However, things quickly take a turn for the worse, and we don’t just mean the typos littered throughout the feature.

Though some things might be expected for such a job – such as the employers asking for a flexible schedule and and being a non-smoker.

However, it soon begins to level up, asking for at least two years experience, a university degree, to be fluent in both English and Spanish as well as testimonials from previous employers… all for minimum wage.

The ad was shared widely on Maltese social media, as well as in popular discussion groups such as Are You Being Served? (RUBS) – and of course, people had a lot to say about it. 

“Was going to apply for this fantastic opportunity but I reconsidered after noticing that the employer spelt “testimony”, “non-smoker”, and “immediately” wrong,” said one person reacting to the ad.

“If the person chosen will not adhere to terms and conditions they will be subjected to 20 whip lashes and stoned in the village square,” said another person, joking about the fineprint of any potential contract.

“Guessing these folks are not proud owners of their very own degree,” said a third.

Under Maltese law, it’s legally required that one posts a vacancy to a number of public forums before employing someone… even if you do not intend on giving the role to anyone applying, which may explain the high requirements for this job.

Overall though, people couldn’t really believe that to be a housekeeper in Malta in 2021, a university degree was needed. But considering some other recent examples of extremely questionable spelling on the island, we actually aren’t even that surprised.

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