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‘This Is A Rich People’s Government,’ Bernard Grech Says As Labour Surges In Survey

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The leader of the Nationalist Party has lashed out at a government he says is catering to the rich through its decision.

“This is a rich people’s government, and it has shown this time and time again,” Bernard Grech said in an interview on NET FM today. He was referring to the recent controversy over a potential new yacht marina that could be build in Marsaskala due to plans for it being approved back in 2006.

The plans were met with major pushback from residents.

“Everyone has the right to live in a serene locality,” Grech continued.

Describing the Labour administration as “driving with a puncture, and it is time to change the tyre” he emphasised that the PN in government would listen to the people and prioritise one ‘s right to a healthy life.

He described giving the Marsaskala marina to a handful of yacht owners as “unacceptable” and that he would withdraw the plans if he was elected.

Grech also spoke about a widespread disinformation campaign that was not only spreading fake news but also silencing media houses or politicians it disagreed with through lawsuits; this comes after PN MP Jason Azzopardi was sued by the former owner of Satabank.

“This is a government that buys you with advertisements and controls what you say. And if you don’t comply, this government and its friends will shut your mouths with these lawsuits. This happened to Jason Azzopardi because he won’t be silent in the face of corruption,” Grech said.

Intervista fuq NET FM

Qed niġi intervistat fuq NET FM. Segwu live.

Posted by Partit Nazzjonalista on Sunday, September 5, 2021

His words come as a new MaltaToday poll found that Prime Minister Robert Abela sustains a 22-point lead over Grech, with the Labour Party enjoying a lead of 33,000+ votes over the PN.

The PN’s new strategist Chris Peregin reacted to the survey by noting the difference in how long each leader has had at the helm of their party, while noting some positive trends in the survey.

“Each day that passes, the PN is sharpening its policies and improving its messaging. It is also becoming more united, more productive and more open to change,” Peregin said.

“The parties are now neck and neck in the 16-30 age group and PN is beating Labour among those aged 65+ and those with a tertiary education,” he continued. “Change doesn’t happen overnight but lots of progress is being made and these numbers should encourage us to keep working harder.”

For his part, Abela said that his administration was capable of “recognising” past mistakes as it continues to enjoy the trust of the people. 

“Labour is the most trusted party, people believe our word. Our word is our contract. The electoral manifesto is our contract with the people,” he said in a radio interview today.

He touched upon a number of schemes his administration had rolled out recently, including a new scheme aimed at helping people ineligible for life insurance due to certain medical conditions obtain state help to get a home loan. This comes after Lovin Malta had reported on a Maltese man’s seemingly futile battle to get life insurance.

In these cases, the state will be guarantor for a home lone applicant, covering home loans up to €250,000.

Abela also announced that the Labour Party will hold its General Conference between the 17th and 20th September to plan the party’s next steps.

Though no exact date has been announced, both major political parties are gearing up for an upcoming election, with the typical billboards having already hit the streets and candidates already making the rounds and presenting their vision for the future of the nation.

What do you make of the two leaders’ perspectives?

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