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This Is How One Woman Rose To Become Malta’s Most Followed OnlyFans Star


Working as a recruitment consultant in a cushy Central London job, Emily Jones was all set for her future. Then, everything started caving in.

“My mum fell seriously ill in Malta, and I needed to be with her,” Emily told Lovin Malta. “I had lost my job after severe inflammatory arthritis and fibromyalgia left me unable to work, so I was looking for something that would be flexible and on my own terms, something I could do from anywhere that would allow for my busy schedule with my mum’s care, and my own health limitations.”

At the time, her Instagram was beginning to blow up; as of 2020, she’s got around 200,000 followers over her three Insta accounts.

“My followers on Instagram were constantly asking me to open an OnlyFans or Patreon page so I decided to give it a try!” she smiled. “This was never the direction I set out to follow when I started my Insta page… but the demand was there so I took the opportunity.”

“OnlyFans is essentially just a platform for monetising content – you can post anything you like on there,” Emily explained.

“It’s got a reputation for X-rated content because nothing is off-limits there, but you can technically post whatever you like – it’s just a place for more premium content than you can access freely; I’ve seen fitness Instagrammers opening an OnlyFans account to post more advanced workout routines.”

Making more than she did in her London consultancy and living comfortably, she now doesn’t see how she can go back to a nine to five job.

“OnlyFans has allowed me to make some money and get back into the world of work, and given me some financial security during a difficult time of my life.”

OnlyFans has given men and women an alternative source of income during the COVID-19 pandemic; the site reported a 75% increase in model sign-ups in April (around the beginning of the outbreak) alone.

More and more Maltese people are turning to the site, be it due to health reasons or as an alternative form of income for their portfolio – or just because they feel most at home there.

“I’m all for new people joining the platform, it’s a great way to boost your income, but there are definitely a lot of things to bear in mind before starting in this area,” Emily said. “I love that OnlyFans is becoming more ‘legit’ and less of a taboo subject – Beyoncé mentions it in one of her songs so as far as I’m concerned, that’s legit.”

However, she wants people to be under no illusions if they are thinking of starting their own OnlyFans journey.

“My advice to anyone who wants to start an OnlyFans is to know it’s not just going to be a quick cash grab.”

“You have to invest time and effort into building (and maintaining) your page and subscribers, and make sure you’re releasing quality content!” she said.

One of the most important aspects when turning to OnlyFans is having already built yourself a reputation on some other platform, before pivoting to more steamy content.

“Unless you have a large platform already (Insta, Facebook, Twitter etc.) it’s quite unlikely that you’re going to be making a killing from OnlyFans. It’s hard to advertise without that existing platform of fans who want to see more,” she noted.

Possibly more important is to realise that whatever you put on the internet, stays on the internet forever.

“If you’re thinking of doing OnlyFans for a short while and then move into a more ‘standard’ job, it might cause issues for you if your content is explicit,” she pointed out. “Never post anything you wouldn’t want to come back to you somehow in the future – because it will. Think very carefully before starting. And if you are in a position to do so, and you’re serious about it, contact me first as I offer consultations and can mentor you to success.”

And get ready to work your ass off getting your profile out there in a crowded field.

“It’s a constant work in progress: thinking of ideas for hot content that’s going to keep my subscribers happy, buying outfits or props for shoots, responding to messages, it’s hard to pin it down but it can take anything from an hour up to 10/12 in a day!”

However, having been on the platform for a couple of years, she’s picked up some best practices for aspiring online models.

“Twitter is the best place to promote your OnlyFans! It allows for uncensored content so it’s a great platform for it,” Emily said. “Instagram is great too as that’s often how people discover you and want to see more – it can be quite strict with guidelines though, so you have to be careful not to post anything too raunchy, it can get your Insta account deleted!”

And when it comes to what you want to do on OnlyFans, there are quite a few options.

“There is a niche for everything,” she explained. “Some examples: feet pics, ASMR, cosplay, feeder and feedee, findom… you name it, it’s available!”

And if you are planning on finding out more about what’s on offer when it comes to Emily Jones, she has a few words for potential subscribers.

“If you like my Instagram and want to get to know me a bit more, come and see my spiciest content which I reserve exclusively for my OnlyFans. There’s a hell of a lot of content on there (over 250 posts) and it’s where I really show my sexy side! I keep things classy but it’s a true celebration of my curves and a lot hotter than my Instagram,” she said.

“It’s also where I get to interact with my fans and connect on a different level – I prioritise answering my OnlyFans DMs as I can’t keep up with Instagram DMs. We have a lot of fun there and that’s what’s kept me in the top 1% of all OnlyFans creators since I started!”

However, Emily wanted to re-iterate her message clearly.

“It’s important to know it’s definitely not for everyone – if you’re fussed about what people think about you, it’s not going to be for you,” she said. “You have to have thick skin to be able to do this.”

“It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme and you have to be good at marketing yourself cleverly and creating great content! Not everyone is going to be successful. It’s all a bit of fun and not meant to be taken too seriously. Everything with a pinch of salt – life’s short, let’s enjoy it while it lasts,” she ended.

What do you think of Emily’s story?

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