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This Is What A Haircut In Malta Will Look Like Once Restrictions Are Lifted

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Hair salons will be allowed to reopen in Malta subject to several conditions.

Prime Minister Robert Abela is set to announce the lifting of restrictions on hair salons and other establishments at 7pm but Lovin Malta has acquired a copy of the mitigation measures they will have to abide by.

Amongst the conditions, hair salons must ensure they and their clients wear masks at all times unless instructed otherwise by the service provider due to the treatment process. Shaving and restyling of beards is prohibited.

These are the measures in full:

– Ensure that maximum capacity of clients inside the salon at any one time is one person per 10 square metres, excluding staff

– Perspex barriers should be fitted in reception areas (2 metres from the floor).

– Workstations/styling chairs must be kept at a minimum distance of 2 metres from each other or separated by a Perspex barrier which is 2 metres high. These barriers must be cleaned properly after every client

– Hand sanitizers must be made available at the reception area and near all workstations for employee and client use (sanitizers with sensors are recommended).

– Clients (and suppliers) must wear a mask (covering mouth, nose and chin) or visor at all times unless instructed otherwise by the service provider due to the treatment process.

–  Staff should wear a surgical or cotton mask or visor when providing a service to a client

–  Shaving and restyling of beards is prohibited.

Hair salons should encourage clients to book an appointment online or by phone and space out appointments to avoid clients coming into contact with each other.  Walk-ins should not be allowed and a sign to this effect should be put up outside the shop/salon.

Salons must allow enough time for cleaning the workstation and environment between clients. Clients should not be allowed in the salon before the service of the previous client is completed and the salon is sanitised.

The salon must be thoroughly cleaned with a disinfectant between clients. This includes workstations, chairs, trolleys, wash hand basins. Door handles and any other surfaces should be cleaned.

They must also ensure that sets of tools and equipment used in the service are washed and sterilised after each client. Clients will not be allowed to wait inside the shop and must leave as soon as their cut is finished. They must attend their appointments by themselves with exceptions granted for young children and children with special needs. Vulnerable people will not be allowed to enter “in so far as possible”.

They must also keep a record of the names, contact details and date of treatment in order to facilitate contact tracing should this be required. Magazine must be removed and beverages and refreshments cannot be provided to clients. All wash hand basins in the workplace must have antibacterial soap and paper towels available.

No airflow dryers or revolving cloth towel will be allowed.

These are the mitigation measures for hair salons in full

What do you make of these regulations?

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