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Three Dogs Left For Dead Within A Week in Malta

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Our pets are seen as more than just our companions, and are often considered as part of the family in Malta. Rich or poor, every household seems to shower their dogs in love. 

But despite the many who treat their pet with so much love, there are sickos who think they can treat a dog like a worthless piece of their property. People who think that once they don’t need or even like the dog anymore, they can just leave it to die. 

The people who think like this may be massively in the minority in Malta, but there are clearly still too many who still act like this. 

Just last week a single organisation – the Association for Abandoned Animals – have had to deal with three insanely cruel cases of animal abuse. Two of these dogs have since died, and one is in a dire state.

Warning: The images below are of a graphic nature. 

Clearly something needs to be done to prevent this kind of behaviour. From stricter laws to better education, we cannot allow this to keep going on completely unchecked.

While Rex and Damian may have died due to what humans did to them, there are so many more dogs that the AAA take care of on a daily basis. Day in and day out, they tend to and heal all types of animals with a manner of love that is often missing from our modern lives.

A donation to AAA can go a long way – and if you cannot make a financial contribution, any leftover blankets, towels, or thick clothes would be appreciated as winter approaches. But beyond that, as long as we have overworked animal shelters in need in donations, dogs in the streets, and Maltese citizens who think they can kick, bury, or kill dogs at their whim, we will continue to let our dark secret fester and grow.

What do you think should be done about animal abuse in Malta? Let us know in the comments below. 

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