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‘Three Steps Out And I Was Flying In The Sky’ Student Speaks Out After Gżira Accident Video Goes Viral

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An 18-year-old student has spoken out after a shocking video of him getting run over two weeks ago was leaked and went viral.

Maltese-Egyptian teenager Omar Abdelghani explained that he was waiting on a bus stop in Gżira that had no pavement.

He decided to cross to the other side but didn’t look both ways. After a few steps into the road, he got run over by oncoming traffic. 

“I took three steps and I was flying in the sky,” he told Lovin Malta.

Despite the dramatic incident, Abdelghani recovered without a scratch. 

“I got up and I was fine. I was more concerned about the woman driving the car – she was panicking and shaking. I reassured her and gave her my jacket,” he said.

Police and an ambulance were shortly on the scene.

“I told them I didn’t need medical assistance, but they insisted. I stayed at Mater Dei for three hours and I was on my way. I went to school the next day,” he continued.

Abdelghani said that despite the accident, he went on with his life… until the video suddenly went viral today.

“I think it’s strange that the footage was leaked two weeks on, I wonder why it did. But still, I’m not worried – I know that once something gets on the internet, it’s basically there forever,” he said.

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