Three-Year-Old Lovin Malta Is Now Nation's Second Most Referred To News Website

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After only three years in existence, Lovin Malta is now the second most referred to Maltese news website, according to the findings of a survey on the Maltese press.

The survey, carried out by research firm Esprimi, shows that 86.7% of online news readers refer to the Times, while 36.5% refer to Lovin Malta. A further 33.2% refer to MaltaToday, with TVM bringing in 30.5%.

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Moreover, 9.4% of news readers chose Lovin Malta when asked for their favourite new websites, making the fledgling site the third most popular Maltese news website, behind only The Times (48.5%) and TVM (10.7%).

They are followed by MaltaToday, ONE, Newsbook, iNews, Net News, the Malta Independent, Il-Mument, The Shift News and Illum.

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While some 51% of respondents said they never read the news, 41.6% said they only read the news online. A mere 7.5% said they get the news from newspapers.

With regards Sunday papers, The Sunday Times commands 77.9% of readers, ahead of It-Torċa (16.2%), The Malta Independent (12.2%), Il-Mument (10.4%), MaltaToday (9.7%) and Il-Mument (9.7%).

Lovin Malta is currently recruiting people for five departments, so if you think you've got what it takes to be part of Malta's fastest-growing news site, apply today!

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