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Trump’s Out, Biden’s In: America’s 46th President Calls For Healing And Peace In First Speech

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There is officially a new leader of the free world as Joseph R. Biden has been officially sworn in as the USA’s 46th President, ending the controversial Donald Trump era.

Biden is set to follow one of the most divisive and brash US presidencies ever witnessed – and he is set to begin his presidency by reversing some of Trump’s most controversial orders, including leaving the environmental Paris Agreement.

The 78-year-old was sworn in Wednesday evening at a major ceremony featuring former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W Bush – however, Trump himself refused to attend and was instead last seen flying to Florida in a helicopter.


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In his first ever speech as president, Biden called for humility and a peaceful transition of power – but acknowledged that this was a day that so many around the world had been waiting for. 

At least 25,000 armed troops were present at the US Capitol following a riotous attack just weeks ago. 

Biden was joined by Vice-President Kamala Harris, the first female, Black and Asian vice-president.

Major celebrities, including both Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, sang at the inauguration, which was jubilant and peaceful.

The world will now be watching to see how Biden takes on the major challenge COVID-19 presents, as well as how he will begin to repair the USA’s reputation following for years of Trump.

What do you think the world will see under President Biden?

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