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Turns Out You Can’t Travel Everywhere From Malta Next Week – Here Are The 28 New ‘Safe’ Countries

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At least 28 new countries will be open for travel from Malta International Airport from the 15th of July.

These countries are: United Kingdom, Belgium, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, China, Vatican City, Rwanda, Uruguay, Slovenia, Japan, Morocco, Thailand, Tunisia, Portugal, Romania, Lebanon, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Jordan and Liechtenstein.

These countries will be added to the current list of countries that are allowed to connect to Malta, and passengers can travel to and from these countries if they’ve also designated Malta as safe from their end.

Exceptions can be made for citizens or people with residency permits who are abroad and want to return whereupon they’ll be placed under quarantine.

Despite Robert Abela saying that all countries would be open for travel from the 15th, a legal notice has been issued confirming only these 28 countries. 



The list follows the latest European Commission recommendations, which guides member states on which countries to open up to. Some countries, like Serbia, have seen a recent spike in transmissions and were not included in the list.

The European Commission will revise this list every two weeks.

Malta’s health authorities have urged anyone travelling abroad to avoid large crowds and to continue observing social distancing guidelines.

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