Two Men Fall Down Ta’ Giorni Shaft After One Loses His Keys And Tries To Scale Apartment

A sizeable rescue team was dispatched to save the two men

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Photos: Civil Protection Department 

A substantial rescue team was dispatched to Ta’ Giorni late last night to save two men, both foreign, who had fallen down a tight shaft in a daring escapade. 

Lovin Malta is informed that one of the men had lost the keys to his apartment in Patrick Bryton Street, St Julian’s, tried to climb the shaft and get in through a window, but slipped and fell. His friend then tried to rescue him but ended up falling down the shaft too. 

Three fire engines, an ambulance, two search and rescue officials and around 20 police officers were dispatched on site to retrieve the men. With little space for the rescue team to manouvre down the shaft, the operation ended up taking around two hours. 

The men were taken to Mater Dei for treatment and a police spokesperson later confirmed that they only sustained light injuries.

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