Unanchored Sailing Boat Is Drifting In Balluta Bay

Passers-by have taken action to save "Charlotte"

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An unanchored sailing boat named "Charlotte" has been spotted drifting dangerously in Balluta bay. A passer-by boarded the boat in an attempt to secure it so as to prevent any serious damage occurring. 

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"The boat is just free floating and hit the reef next to Barracuda [restaurant], I'm just here having breakfast," an eye-witness told Lovin Malta. "It just drifted in with no anchor".

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The rogue sailing boat is currently drifting dangerously close to the shallowest waters in the bay. It is not known how long the boat has been adrift.


A small speed boat has now been tied to the sailing boat in an attempt to pull it away from shallow waters, but it seems to be wedged on the reef below. 

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