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University of Malta Faculty Yet To Release Final Results, With Resit Session Four Weeks Away

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The Faculty for the Built Environment at University of Malta is yet to publish any of its students’ results – despite providing them with a tentative date for the September resit session.

“Today we called the faculty to check what’s happening and when the results will be coming out,” an architecture student told Lovin Malta, “and they just replied with ‘We have no idea, sorry’.”

The student alleged that this is a widespread problem affecting not only final year students, but all those appertaining to the faculty.

“After receiving the email with the September session dates, we just started panicking,” the student said. “That means that if we get a resit in a certain unit, we have to put in a month’s work.”

Many final year architecture students have already allegedly applied and paid for their Master’s course, which would commence this coming September. Being faced with a resit would however put their post-graduate plans on the line.

A spokesperson for the University of Malta has since gotten in touch with Lovin Malta about this matter.

“The deadline for lecturers to hand in the results in terms of the collective agreement is end of July,” the source said.

“Following the submission of the results, a quality assurance process is initiated that involves the actual process of reviewing the marks and subsequently calculating classifications for final year students.”

This process is allegedly envisaged to be conducted in the coming days.

What do you make of this situation?

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