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Valletta Ditch Murder: After 11 Years, Suspected Killer Was Arrested In Gżira Hold-Up This Week

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The man suspected of killing a woman and hiding her body in a ditch for 11 years is reportedly the same person who was arrested earlier this week following an attempted robbery of a Convenience Store outlet in Gżira.

TVM and ONE have both reported that the man confessed to police about his role in the murder of Charlene Farrugia back in 2008 and informed them where he hid her remains. Farrugia’s remains were reported found in bags in a ditch by the Valletta bastions, close to the Phoenicia Hotel.

He is expected to be formally charged for murder in the coming hours.

Farrugia, who was 25 when she went missing back in 2008, was last seen driving in Valletta and her connection to the suspect is as yet unknown.

The suspect was arrested earlier this week following an attempted armed hold-up on a Convenience Store outlet in Rue d’Argens, Gżira. As he was escorted away, the man could be heard shouting out that the police had no proof and that he was being arrested for nothing.

Cover photo: Left: Charlene Farrugia; Centre: The Valletta ditch were Farrugia’s remains were found; Right: The suspect during his arrest in Gżira this week 

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