Vandals Arrested For Damaging 5,500 Year Old Temples

Ġgantija Temples see 'irreparable' damage done to them.

Ggantija News Feature

Two people have been arrested after being caught causing irreparable damage to the ancient megalithic temples last Tuesday. According to the report by the Times of Malta, the couple etched their names and love messages into the stones of the iconic Ġgantija Temples. These etchings were reportedly "quite deep".

According to the report, when the security guard on duty approached the couple to stop them, they responded irritably, insisting there was no reason to "[make] such a fuss just because I inscribed my name on this old piece of stone".

The couple, a Maltese man from San Ġwann and a young foreign woman currently residing in Xagħra, claimed they had no idea they weren't allowed to carve their name into the sides of this ancient UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Featured photo: Ronny Siegel

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