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Video Of Two Young Tourists Taking A Ride On Malta Airport’s Luggage Belt Goes Viral

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Waiting for your luggage to roll up at Arrivals is the last frustrating step before you can finally exit the airport and kickstart your holiday. We’ve all found ourselves wishing we could peep into that hole at the end of the conveyor belt and reach out for our luggage… but a pair of young tourists just went and actually did it.

A video posted on popular online forum 9gag shows two young guys fresh off the plane at the Malta International Airport engaging in some risky behaviour. They did the unthinkable and ventured onwards into the mysterious land of luggage belts… and even made it out of the other side!

The two plucky passengers – potentially Dutch judging by the language heard throughout the clip – had had enough of waiting around for their luggage after getting off a delayed flight, so they hopped on the conveyor belt and grabbed it themselves.

9gag Airport Video

Now, be honest; you’ve definitely thought of doing this yourself.

Especially if you watched Toy Story 2 when you were younger. You know which scene I’m talking about.

Skip to 1:00 for the glory that is the luggage conveyor belt scene

The two young men casually jump off the belt after coming out the other side, while their friend films laughing loudly…

Needless to say, this was an extremely dangerous move on their behalf and could have caused major delays throughout the airport.

Amidst the hundreds of people from all over the world who commented, in fact, one person even pointed out that, at the airport he used to work in, this behaviour would have resulted in a $5,000 fine and up to three years in jail. It seems that these two lads got off scot-free, though.

“They literally found their bags around the corner and came out with it,” the person who originally uploaded the video explained. “No joke, you can even see it at the end of the video. We just left. No trouble.”

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9Gag Video Comment

When contacted for comment Malta International Airport did not condone the irresponsible behavior, claiming that the passengers put themselves and the airport at risk by breaching a security restricted area.

It is unclear when the incident actually took place.

The comments section over on 9gag is a mixed bag of ‘what a stupid thing to do’ and ‘wow this is hilarious’.

Screen Shot 2018 11 26 At 15 18 46
Screen Shot 2018 11 26 At 15 18 19
Screen Shot 2018 11 26 At 15 18 08
Screen Shot 2018 11 26 At 15 16 15
Screenshot 2018 11 26 At 15 23 59

What do you make of this video? Let us know in the comments and tag a friend who doesn’t know how to wait for anything

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