VIDEO: Two Canoeists Trapped In L-Aħrax Cave In Mellieħa

Rescuers on their way

Two French canoeists in their 20s got trapped in a sinkhole at L-Aħrax in Mellieħa today, after the sea became too rough for them to exit the cave safely. 

Liane Gauci, who was walking towards the cave at the time, heard the couple screaming for help.

"We saw a French couple in a canoe. The girl was having a panic attack, screaming and hitting the canoe and shouting for help. At one point she jumped off the canoe and held onto the rocks but we convinced her to get back in because she would have got crushed," Ms Gauci, who called the emergency line 112, told Lovin Malta.

The couple seems to have entered the cave from a narrow entrance that then became blocked by the crushing waves. 

Ms Gauci said rescuers were on their way.

Earlier, Times of Malta reported that an initial rescue effort conducted by sea was unsuccessful and CPD members were now planning a second effort, with reports of a rescue helicopter flying overhead. 

Photos and videos: Liane Gauci

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The couple is seen taking cover on the rocks

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Chris Peregin