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Want To Help Malta In Its Fight Against COVID-19? Here’s How You Can

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Although Malta seems to be handling the COVID-19 crisis well, the fight isn’t over and there is still work to be done.

In fact, The Malta Health Network and VolServ are issuing a fresh call for volunteers to continue supporting those who need it during this crisis. They’re looking for anyone who can offer a helping hand.

So far, volunteers contributed over 10,000 hours of work to help Malta’s health services in the COVID-19 crisis.

The initiatives headed by The Malta Health Network and VolServ were met with an outpouring of support from various groups in Malta who gave their time to support the nation: students, stay-at-home women, professionals, those who become redundant in the health crisis and those who came to volunteer after work.

Duties included data inputting, contract tracing, patient-follow-ups, ensuring the safety of working environments through temperature monitoring at the entrance and phoning people to come to the swabbing centres.

Others carried out errands for vulnerable groups and non-Maltese persons assisted with translations so that communication concerning the crisis could reach Malta in its entirety. Many people have been consistently contributing whilst others had to stop due to various reasons.

The Minister for Health Chris Fearne and Prime Minster Robert Abela expressed their gratefulness during a visit of their operations. Prof. Charmaine Gauci, Malta’s Superintendent of Public Health, explained how every task, no matter how big and small they seem, are essential to support all the efforts carried out for the best of the nation. 

Those interested can apply through this COVID-19 Volunteers registration link.

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