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WATCH: Adrian Zammit Rubbishes Anti-Migrant Petition That’s Raised 26,000 Signatures

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A petition calling for the island to close its ports to migrants was heavily ridiculed by Marsa influencer Adrian Zammit.

During an episode of his regular Facebook Live talk show, Zammit called out the petition, which has since raised over 26,000 signatures, and anyone getting their hopes up that it would change anything.

“Signing this petition is useless – how many petitions have we had, and what did they result in?” Zammit asked. “All you’ve done is your name on a piece of paper, and nothing is going to change.”

“Petitions are made for hate-filled and personal interests,” he continued. “They change nothing but are a kind of stress relief.”

The parliamentary petition named ‘Malta, too small to accept more illegal immigrants’ has garnered 26,710 signatures, and is being touted by a segment of the population as a solution to Malta’s ongoing migration problem, a problem further exacerbated by a lack of a concrete integration policy.

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Zammit said people were too ready to “hate without any right or reason”.

“All creatures defend themselves when they are afraid, and people are just too stressed over the coronavirus as well as the news that migrants may be bringing the virus in with them,” he said.

“A lot of people also want change… but you don’t need to hate to show that,” he said.

“People are forgetting what it means to be happy, they are hungry for a laugh, something difficult to find with all this stress.”

He also commented on the Ryan Fenech discussion, saying that if Ryan “lied” about his story, he has lost his credibility, and Zammit asked what is going to happen to the money that was raised for him

What do you think of Zammit’s view on the petition?

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