WATCH: UK Politician's Private Blown Off Luqa Apron And Crashes Head-First Into Polidano Offices

Lord Michael Ashcroft's private jet was blown off the apron tonight

Strong winds blew a private aircraft right off the airport apron, through a fence and a road and straight into the nearby offices of major construction firm Polidano Group.

The plane belongs to British politician and businessman Lord Michael Ashcroft a former deputy chairman of the Conservative party, and ranked by Forbes as one of the richest 1,500 people in the world.  

Lord Ashcroft is also renowned for his 2015 book ‘Call Me Dave’, an unauthorised biography of former UK Prime Minister David Cameron which included allegations that Cameron had placed his private part in a dead pig’s mouth as part of a university club ritual. He hit the news again last month, when the Paradise Papers leaks revealed he owned a Bermuda-based trust to shelter his wealth.  

When the accident was brought to his attention on Twitter, Lord Ashcroft's response was "Nooooo". 

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According to several reports, the security cables fastening Lord Ashcroft's Bermuda-registed Dassault Falcon 7X to the ground were dislodged at around 10:10pm as the winds battered the Luqa runway.  

No injuries were reported and Polidano’s legal representative Jean Paul Sammut told the Times of Malta that the building didn’t sustain any major damage. 

The police and armed forces are on site and have closed the road off to traffic.

Cover photo by Mario Scicluna

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