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WATCH: After 8 Years In Malta’s Prison For Growing Weed, Daniel Holmes Gives His Side Of The Story

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Daniel Holmes, the Welshman who spent eight years in Malta’s prison for growing five cannabis plants in his apartment, has lifted the lid on his traumatic experience in a frank and candid interview with Lovin Malta.

After his recent release from prison, Lovin Malta travelled with Holmes to his hometown of Cardiff to film an official documentary, capturing raw footage of him reuniting with his wife and meeting his two young daughters outside of prison for the first time.

The documentary was carried out in collaboration with Tusko Film, who shot the footage, and V Squared Media, who edited it.

In his tell all interview, Holmes describes in detail how he and his flatmate Barry Lee were arrested in Gozo in 2006, and how Barry committed suicide while under arrest.

He also reveals what it is really like inside the Corradino Correctional Facility, including the reality of drug use inside the prison and the absolute monotony of everyday life.

“You’re stuck there all day. You have a coffee and a cigarette, you go back to bed and watch TV or play a video game or read. Maybe you go to the gym if you have the courage because it’s hard work to motivate yourself to get to the gym and do something physical. There’s no point. People don’t want to get out of bed, they don’t want to do anything. People are just waking up everyday staring at each other. Sometimes you just sit round the table and nobody even talks, just staring at the walls.”

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