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WATCH: Are You In Favour Of Gender Quotas? This Is What Malta Has To Say About Them

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Gender quotas, gender-correcting mechanisms, pro-women policies: whatever you call them, it seems everyone has a strong opinion on whether its the right way bring more women to Parliament.

Malta’s politicians are currently debating a bill which would add extra seats for women MPs, in an effort to balance the blatant gender deficit in Malta’s highest institution.

Lovin Malta headed down to Valletta to find out what the people think about the controversial bill with a simple question: “What do you think of gender quotas?”

The response was fairly divided.

Everyone agreed that more women need to be in Malta’s House of Representatives – they do makeup half the population after all.

However, when it comes to the bill itself, a few, mostly women, were sceptical about the possible tokenism it may herald. The majority of others pledged their support for gender equality in general, suggesting that the government isn’t explaining the details of the bill that would affect general elections for the next two decades.

One man asked about gender quotas was interrupted mid-way by a passerby to explain why COVID-19 is destroying our lives. Because you know – that’s something that happens in pandemic times.

Stay tuned as Lovin Malta takes more subjects to the streets with Vox Pops.

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