UPDATED: Eight French Tourists Injured as Barracuda Collapses on Piccolo Padre

Eight injured, three fell in the water

The balcony of the Barracuda seafront restaurant in Balluta Bay, Sliema, has collapsed onto the popular pizzeria underneath it Piccolo Padre. People were reportedly dining at both venues at the time. 

Police have since confirmed that eight people were injured. Three people fell into the sea nearby.

The police later said a 46-year-old woman was critically injured, while a 46-year-old man was suffering grievous injuries. The rest are suffering slight injuries.

All victims are French nationals.

A number of witnesses described the scenes on social media.

Video by Timmy Cutugno. 

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Photo: Jason Florio

Watch the account of Peter Tolan who was at the restaurant and spoke to Times of Malta.


Jason Florio

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Barracuda's balcony before the collapse.

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