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WATCH: Bjorn Formosa Launches Fundraiser To Make Second ALS Home A Reality

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Malta’s leading ALS activist Bjorn Formosa has launched a fundraising campaign to help fund the opening of a second home for those living with the disease. 

In a video uploaded to Facebook this evening, Formosa appealed to the public to help him make his second wish in six years a reality. 

“What do you wish for Bjorn? Make a wish,” a woman can be heard saying at the start of the touching video, which then cuts away to Formosa himself. 

“Had I been asked this when I was young, I would have said a pilot. Today my life has changed, and so have my dreams. I have opened my first home for patients, and now I want to open another. We have accomplished all this in six years. I want to finish this home and that is why I want your help.” 

The fundraising telethon – ‘926tofinish’ – will be held on 26th September and will be aired on all local television stations and will also be available online.

Once completed, the home will offer the best care for ALS sufferers, allowing them to live as independent a life as possible. The bigger and better Dar Bjorn will be equipped with an indoor therapy pool, a chapel and a small gym for residents.

It will welcome those who have been diagnosed with ALS as well as other neurodegenerative disorders.

The project is expected to cost €5.5 million to complete, with roughly 85% of the required funds collected so far.

Lovin Malta is supporting Bjorn in his admirable mission to improve the lives of those suffering as a result of neurological conditions and will continue to follow his journey through a documentary that will be released in the coming months.

You can donate to the cause by calling:

5170 2016 – €15

5100 2017 – €20

5180 2018 – €25

You can also send an SMS to:

5061 9271 – €11.65

5061 8936 – €6.00

Donations can also be sent via BOV Mobile pay on 79096249.

Any contribution will help make this project a reality.

Will you be making a donation?

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