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WATCH: ‘Black Lives Matter’ And ‘All Lives Matter’ Protestors Go Head-To-Head In Valletta

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Two protests have gathered outside Parliament, one from the Black Lives Matter camp and the other a counter-protest rallying under the All Lives Matter banner.

The protests heated up as the two groups went head-to-head separated only by a wall of police officers. At some point, there were scuffles between ALM protestors and police.


The BLM protests outweigh ALM protestors significantly. Some ALM protestors were also heard chanting “kick them out”, “all lives matter” and “no to human trafficking.”

Some were also heard saying “f’ġħoxx is-suwed.”

A number of BLM protesters were calling for justice for George Floyd while wearing t-shirts with his face on it and holding up signs that read “I can’t breathe.”

They also demanded justice for Lassana Cisse who was killed last year in what is believed to be Malta’s first racially-motivated murder.

This is the first major protest since the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, some protestors were wearing masks and others weren’t.

There was also one sign that referred to racism as a pandemic.


Speeches were also given, including some by African migrants, while ALM protestors could be heard booing in the background.

The protests also included a large number of Africans in attendance.


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