WATCH: Bulldozer Used To 'Remove Creeper' - Balluta Residents Raise Red Flag

"Ilbiesha ċarrtulha. Qaċċtulha idejha... Minn rasha, sa waslu sa ngħasha"

Yesterday, Lovin Malta  was sent this footage of a bulldozer working its way through the Balluta valley.

Concerned residents immediately phoned their local council to get more information regarding the permissions for this work - but this didn't yield much information. They were then directed to the Environmental Landscapes Consortium, who in turn passed them back onto the council.

Bulldozing 2

According to the residents, works began last Friday with the clearing of some grass in the area, but yesterday saw the bulldozer clear away a lot more of the greenery in the early hours of the morning.

Lovin Malta reached out to the St. Julian's local council who explained that the men were simply carrying out work to remove a creeper that had grown out of hand. 

This response did not sit well with those who live close by, as they explained that before the 'evidence was removed' the whole area was covered with broken branches.

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