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WATCH: Caught Red Handed! Have You Been Scammed By This Couple In Bugibba?

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A couple stealing money from people by pretending to be in need of money to go home have been caught on camera after targeting the same person twice over the span of a few days. 

According to a report on SideStreet the couple would stop people driving by in Bugibba and ask them for money for a tow truck so that they can get home.  

It would appear that their luck ran out when they targeted a person they had already fleeced for €15. The victim had the presence of mind to film his encounter with the scammer. 


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While this particular encounter is reported to have taken place in Bugibba, people commenting beneath the video on Instagram said they had seen the person in other locations, including the Marsa park and ride and Iklin. Others said they had also been scammed by the man. 

The video shows the man walking up the car and telling the driver that he needs €9 in order to get a tow truck so that he can go home. 

“Listen, last week you took €15 from me with the same story. I need my €15. It was you. How are you in trouble in the same place every week?” the driver asks the scammer. 

A passenger in the car can be heard telling the driver to take down the scammer’s number plate and to report him to the police. 

At this point, the scammer drops the act and admits to the driver that he had taken money from him. When he continues to insist that he be given his money back the scammer replies that he hasn’t “made any money yet”. 

“I haven’t made one cent yet, I just came now to Bugibba,” he says unashamedly. 

The driver continues to insist as the scammer tells him that they can “sort it out”. 

“It’s not a lot of money, it is €15,” the scammer says. At this point, his female companion sitting in their car tells the driver that he can go to collect the money from their house tomorrow and that he can take down their number plate. 

The driver threatens to call the police, with the scammer telling him that would only “cause him problems for nothing”.

He eventually gives up and tells the couple that they should be ashamed of themselves. 

“You are right,” the scammer replies. “I am not proud of myself at all.” 

Lovin Malta has reached out to the police over this case.

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