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WATCH: Delia Insists PN Has Made Inroads Despite Increased 51,000 Voter Margin

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In the face of a resounding electoral defeat of an expected 51,000 votes, PN Leader Adrian Delia insisted that his party had actually made inroads during this campaign.

Asked by Lovin Malta whether the PN was in dire need of change given that it has lost a series of election by massive margins, Delia said:

“It’s a failing in the sense of a majority, but the PN was in power for 25 years and did a lot of good. There are political cycles, and it was time for the PN to weaken its majority. Not everything was great [in the 25 years], and I’ve even admitted that mistakes were made. However, you need to recognise what’s right and where you went wrong.

“The government has increased its majority, but over the past few months, I’ve seen a changing trend and inroads have been made.”

Challenged as to how he could possibly claim inroads have been made when the gap between the two parties increased, Delia said:

“A few months ago surveys were saying that there was a gap of around 100,000 votes.”

Pressed further, he was steadfast in saying that this did not in any way quantify success on his part:

“ I was frank at the start when I said the Labour Party had a resounding victory. In the last few months, we started working together, and we started bearing some fruit. There’s a lot left to do. I’m under no illusions.”

Delia was not drawn into questions as to what a successful general election campaign would look like under his reign, instead of saying that “ a lot can change in three years for both the PN and the socialist party.”

“After a loss like this, I don’t think you should be arrogant to suggest what success would look like. Rather we should see what our mistakes were and learn from them.”

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