WATCH: Divers Claim Visibility Down 80% Due To Discharge From Fish Farms

Footage has emerged showing just how bad the sediment really is.

If you thought the sea slime was bad, get a load of this! The divers from the Facebook page 'Stop The Slime' have posted two videos showing the seabed in the area surrounding the fish farms near St. Paul's Island. 

"The Slime is only the tip of the iceberg!"

Professor Axiak

In these videos sediment left on the local Posidonia Oceanica seaweed (an extremely vital part of the Maltese underwater ecosystems) has reached alarming levels. Throughout the film you can constantly see specks of discharge float in front of the camera's torch.

A second video highlights the extremely murky waters and the reduced visibility. "20 years ago we had 20 metres plus of visibility... sadly today we have no more than 3-4 metres". If this is true then we're looking at a drop of around 80% in underwater visibility - a dangerous number for an island that relies on the international diving community for tourism.

Sea Slime Torch

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