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WATCH: ‘Forget Mintoff And Joseph Muscat Now,’ Adrian Zammit Says In Fiery Address To Labourites

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Marsa’s leading influencer has taken laqgħi culture in Malta to task in a new blistering video upload ahead of his next show.

After a bar-owner was interviewed by Labour Party media about how “happy” they were with government support amidst the current COVID-19 situation, Adrian Zammit took to social media to rail against anyone who bought the partisan spin.

“I honestly don’t understand some of you – they interview one person, and you see the comments from the real bar-owners fly in. The people are not happy, Malta is not doing well,” Zammit said.

“Once the mirror is cracked, it can’t ever be as good as it was,” Zammit continued as he talked about the Labour Party in 2021 in an address to Labourites. “Get it in your hand – don’t try to make up for the Labour Party by bringing up Joseph Muscat or Mintoff – those two, you can leave them now.”

“Unfortunately,” he continued, “we have a new, stupid, generation that has ended the Labour Party – it’s ended, and don’t tell me otherwise. I was one of the most hardcore Labourites – but now, the rich get richer, and the poor are pushed down into the mud.”

He took aim at the interview held by ONE News with a Gudja bar owner who said he was happy with how the government were handling bars.

“Who cares if they get some suck-up to speak on Super One saying he’s doing well,” he said. “Bar owners have a major depression right now, there’s serious hunger on this island and what’s left now, for us to lick the boots of Labour?”

He ended with a call to the government – “if you really cared, you would have closed the airport and the ports – not the bars, especially if this is coming from abroad”.

What do you think of Zammit’s perspective?

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