WATCH: Forgotten Mosta Showroom Could Be Hiding Most Valuable Subaru Sports Car Model In The World

Absolute treasure trove of classic cars uncovered in old Mosta showroom

Blink and you’ll miss it, but a long-forgotten Subaru showroom in the middle of a main road in Mosta could actually be housing the most valuable sports car of its kind in the world!

Website, which is run by a Betsson developer, recently revealed a treasure trove of old Subaru cars in Valletta Road, Mosta, which have never been driven and which are now worth a fortune. The story was picked up by The Daily Mail, which described the showroom as “eerie”. 


The Subaru XT Turbo could be the oldest of its kind in the world. Photo: 

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The showroom is located by the roundabout on Valletta Road, Mosta 

The classic cars include an early model Impreza Estate with original 1980s wheel trims, a Sambar and a compact Justy. However, the real gem is a Subaru XT Turbo, a two-door sports car which was launched in 1985 and which used to be considered a dream car with its futuristic wedge shape styling, gadgets and active air suspension. Subaru stopped making this model in 1991, meaning the brand new car in the Mosta showroom could very well be the most valuable of its type in the world. 





The Mosta showroom was once the only Subaru garage in Malta, but was put out of business in the late 1990s when a competitor started importing the same cars. According to CarsAddiction, the garage’s former owner had been using the showroom as a garage for one of his own motors, which would explain the store’s upkeep. 

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