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Watch: ‘I Didn’t Expect This’ – South Korean Official Surprises Ian Borg With Greeting In Maltese

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Minister for Foreign Affairs Ian Borg was pleasantly surprised when he was greeted by a South Korean politician who spoke to him in Maltese.

“I met with Foreign Minister Park Gin. He managed to talk to me in Maltese for a long time. Come on, let’s cherish our language and everything else that’s Maltese,” Borg wrote on social media.

Jin spoke for under a minute, saying that he was happy to be meeting Borg while expressing hope for productive discussions on bilateral cooperation between South Korea and Malta. 

During Borg’s visit to the Asian country, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Minister for Culture, Sports, and Tourism Yu Inchon to establish a framework for better collaboration in the vital tourism sector.

Through this agreement, an ecosystem will be created to facilitate tourism cooperation, leading to increased tourist exchanges. It was also announced that this agreement would foster more significant data and promotional exchanges and promote the participation of both countries in important events.

Furthermore, it will facilitate and encourage individuals who focus on tourism promotions to visit each other’s respective countries and promote what their states have to offer.

Do you want to hear Ian Borg speak in Korean next?

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