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WATCH: ‘I Don’t Want To See Another All-Male Panel On Television’ Leading Female PL Activist Says

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A prominent young Labour activist and former FŻL president has spoken out about equal representation for men and women in all spheres, including on television programmes.

“I don’t want to see another all-male panel on television,” Naomi Cachia said during a PL event in Gozo today, with the crowd immediately clapping in support.

Though Malta has a myriad of discussion shows, political or otherwise, on a variety of TV channels, it is commonplace to see the entire panel, as well as the host, belong to the male gender. Cachia called for an end to this.

She went on to speak about the PL’s LEAD programme, which just recently introduced another 33 women into the political sphere. LEAD, which is led by Miriam Dalli, has prepared scores of Maltese women for political life, no matter their age.

Cachia spoke ahead of Junior Minister for Financial Services and Digital Economy Clayton Bartolo and Prime Minister Robert Abela during this event.

You can follow the speech in full below

What do you make of Cachia’s words?

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