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Watch: It’s So Hot In Malta This Guy Just Fried An Egg Within Seconds On His Roof

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One man has gone and done the thing everyone pictures in their mind when the heat really hits home: fry an egg outside, using nothing but nature to dine in style.

Maltese photographer Rene Rossignaud grabbed his trusty frying pan, threw in a bit of oil and let the scorching hot sun get to work.

“This is how hot it was today! Just leave a pan out for 30 min, add oil, cook for free,” Rene joked alongside the video, which racked up hundreds of likes in hours. 


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His egg-frying comes as Malta experienced a historic 42.7°C on Monday, matching the highest July temperature ever recorded.

The tiny Mediterranean island nation has found itself sweltering in the grip of an intense heatwave, reminiscent of the blistering conditions that struck 37 years ago.

The Met Office even said that the “feels like” temperature was a blistering 44°C, making it virtually unbearable for many residents.

If you’re in Malta this week and looking for a cheap way to cook breakfast, take a page out of Rene’s book, grab a frying pan and head outside.

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