WATCH Lovin Blockchain: Crypto Evangelists Welcome Malta's 'Sane' Politicians And Collaborative Mentality

Malta doing 'exactly the opposite' of 'crazy' places like New York

Malta has "a bunch of sane politicians" who are rightfully inviting Blockchain companies to do business on the island, according to several cryptocurrency evangelists. They spoke to Lovin Malta for a video series that launches today called Lovin Blockchain.

Early Bitcoin investor Roger Ver says Malta is doing "exactly the opposite" of cities like New York which insist on acting "crazy" when it comes to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

Roger Ver

Binance CEO CZ, who was one of the first to sing Malta's praises, talks about what it's like to have to leave a country from one day to the next because of a lack of regulation and uncertainty.

"It’s very expensive both in terms of actually money and time cost and the disruption to the team. We want to avoid that at all costs," he told Lovin Blockchain during the Delta Summit held last month.

Lovin Blockchain also met with two representatives OKEx, one of the world's leading crypto exchanges, which is also setting up a base and beginning to recruit people on the island.


Watch the full episode above and look out for episode two which will feature controversial personality John McAfee, who headlined Malta Blockchain Summit.

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Chris Peregin