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WATCH: Malta’s Abortion Law ‘Often Leaves Women In Difficult Situations’, Therese Comodini Cachia Says

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Abortion laws in Malta “often leave women in difficult situations,” PN MP and proposed Opposition leader Therese Comodini Cachia warned, despite being against abortion herself.

My position is clear. I am not in favour of abortion, but I have met people who have had abortions. They don’t find themselves in an easy situation,” she told Lovin Malta in an interview.

When asked about her controversial social media status against abortion, Comodini Cachia, who has been proposed by the majority of PN MPs as Opposition leader instead of Adrian Delia, affirmed that although the right of life and expression is entrenched in her party’s values, throwing this “red herring” issue at politicians will only add fuel to the partisan fire.

“We have seen along the years what happens when you make a debate partisan: you completely fail in that debate and you hurt a lot of people.”

Despite her party’s stance, she believes that Malta’s political parties must be open to change.

“[Our political parties] need to reflect the society within which they live,” she stressed, adding that this value given to the right of life is agreed upon by both pro-choice and anti-choice groups.

The PN MP went on to condemn actions of those in the governing party who publish posts calling for the women to be punished for seeking abortions abroad, one of the only available channels for those who seek to terminate their pregnancies in Malta. This was a clear reference to comments recently passed by Labour MP Jean Claude Micallef. 

“I’ve met some of these women. It’s a tragedy for them. It’s not something easy. What pains me as a woman, and this is what pains me as a woman, is that this country has often left women in difficult situations to their own strength,” Comodini Cachia said.

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