WATCH: Maltese Priest’s Anti-Contraceptive Warning: ‘Pizza Gets Boring If You Eat It Every Day’

"Contraceptives reduce the value of sex and turn it into something boring and routine"

A priest has urged people not to use contraceptives, warning they ultimately diminish the appeal of sex just as pizza gets boring if one eats it everyday.

“If I eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week, I will eventually feel sick to the stomach by just smelling it,” Fr Ivan Attard, from the Dominican Order, said on a vlog published by the True Light Catholic Media. “Similarly, when we reduce the value of sex in this manner, it becomes something boring and routine and our relationships end up losing their beauty.”

Attard warned that contraceptives are “falsifying” relationships as they have opened sex up to something done for the sake of personal pleasure and not solely for reproductive purposes.

“Contraceptives show that one no longer sees value in self-restraint, which doesn’t mean self-oppression, but that one should not allow oneself to be led by their passions. When this occurs, it becomes easy for us to oppress others for the sake of our personal interests and often results in feelings of emptiness.”

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Equality Minister Helena Dalli criticised Attard’s vlog as a throwback to a “time of darkness” when priests used to scare pregnant women who couldn’t financially afford to raise more children.

“Let’s speak with a sense of responsibility towards girls and women,” she said. “Before contraceptives, women used to get pregnant up to 20 times in their lifetime. My great-grandmother once told me that when she went to Confession, the priest told her that she must either ‘do what is right’ or commit a sin. When she told him that she couldn’t financially raise another child, he told her that one only needs the bare minimum to survive. That time of darkness is over, and the solution is education, not fear.”

What do you make of these comments?

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