WATCH: Maltese Soldier Fired For Taking Viral Video Of Colleague’s Molitov Cocktail Fail

The soldier was burned in the face by a Molotov cocktail he had handled during training

A former gunner has sued the Commander of the Malta Armed Forces after he was fired for taking a video of one of his colleagues getting burned in the face by a Molotov cocktail he had handled during training. 

The video, which was uploaded to Youtube in 2015 by late journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, went viral and was viewed over 650,000 times. 

It has now transpired that Joshua Agius was fired for taking the video and posting it online, prompting the former gunner to sue AFM Commander Jeffrey Curmi for compensation. Agius argued he was fired unjustly and that the AFM hadn’t carried out a serious investigation to establish who was responsible. He said he believed the video had been shot to help soldiers learn from their mistakes. 

However, Jeffrey Curmi said Agius had admitted in private to taking the video and posting it on Messenger and WhatsApp. 

In the end, Judge Mark Chetcuti dismissed Agius’ case for the simple reason that he had instituted it four days after the six month deadline to file cases for unfair dismissal. 

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