WATCH: Matthew Caruana Galizia Addresses London Vigil For His Mother’s Assassination

'We've hit the six month mark of my mother’s assassination and there’s been absolutely no justice'

Matthew Caruana Galizia warned police investigations into who commissioned his mother’s assassination have hit a brick wall as he addressed a vigil outside the Maltese High Commission in London. 

“It’s almost like a second funeral, because we’ve hit the six month mark of my mother’s assassination and there’s been absolutely no justice, neither for our mother nor the crimes which she reported,” Caruana Galizia, himself a journalist, said. “It’s that continued impunity that allowed her to be assassinated in the first place and now that we’re approaching six months, Malta has set a standard in the EU where you’re allowed to assassinate a journalist and get away with it easily. 

“We have nothing but the three contract killers who appear to have known they were going to be arrested and who reached an agreement amongst themselves not to speak up and not to say anything about who commissioned them. The police investigation has hit a complete brick wall and it appears that without this continued support that you’re showing here, we wont get any further than where we are today.”

Caruana Galizia urged supporters to rally the troops, warning justice for his mother’s death will only be achieved if the campaign hits a “critical mass” of people. 

“The Maltese government has repeatedly shown that it is not managing this as a campaign for justice but as a public relations campaign. All they’re concerned about is how this looks to the rest of the world and how they can spin their way out of it. There’s no political will to find the people who commissioned the murder at all, and that’s why we're stuck here.”

Besides the London vigil, other vigils have also been scheduled to take place in Washington DC, Berlin, Dresden, Amsterdam, Brussels, Edinburgh and Valletta. 

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