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WATCH: ‘My Dog And I Were Assaulted At Tigne By Two Men As Several Bystanders Just Watched’

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A man has recounted how he was physically attacked by two men in broad daylight while walking his dog near Tigne Point, Sliema as several people looked on and did nothing to intervene.

The victim, whose identity is known to Lovin Malta, said the incident occurred after his dog tried to approach a smaller dog. He said that although he held his dog back, the smaller dog’s owner reacted badly, shouting insults and swearing at him.

He said he went on his way after exchanging a few words but the situation then escalated.

“All of a sudden, another man (who turned out to be the first man’s brother) came up to me and started threatening me,” he said. “Though I had walked away, they both saw this as an opportunity to gang up on me and that’s when one of them kicked my dog. A fight then broke out and I was beaten up by both of them and I suffered a black eye. I had no idea what was going on, I was attacked on all sides and could only hear dogs barking.” 

When he recovered, the victim started filming his assailants to use as evidence, but this angered them even more and they assaulted him, ripping his phone away from him and threatening to break it, while swearing throughout. Eventually, security guards were called in and the assailants deleted the footage but the victim managed to recover it.

He has since shown the footage to the police and is looking to press charges for assault. 

Besides the assault itself, what shocked the victim was the complete inaction shown by people in the vicinity.

“There were around 20 people there and none of them did anything to intervene, they all just watched,” he said. “Malta may be distracted by the coronavirus but let’s not forget that there are other dangers out there.”




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