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WATCH: Shyli Rose Drops First Single In Years All About Women Knowing Their Worth

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Maltese rapper and OnlyFans star Shyli Rose has dropped her first official single in nearly half a decade – and she says it’s all about women empowerment.

The new track, Like That, sees the 21-year-old flaunting her stuff in a basketball court, shooting some hoops while dropping bars about relationships, knowing your worth and not letting someone play you.

“It’s funny actually, the song is based on how a woman should never remove her crown and always remembers her worth,” Shyli Rose told Lovin Malta.

Having faced flak for her confident personality and openness when it comes to her sexuality, Shyli wanted to write a song to remind girls they can be themselves and not have to feel worthless in doing so.

“I want every girl to sing this song out loud and know that she’s not gonna let him take her home tonight because she’s a treasure in the ocean – she’s not easy and shouldn’t be! A strong woman attracts a guy on a whole other level while an easy woman gets played with – and we ain’t easy, right?” she said with a smile.

Having been among the first women in Malta to reveal that she was producing adult content for OnlyFans, Shyli is currently working hard on releasing her next album – currently titled Imperial Rose.

But before that, she wants to let women know that they are worth more than material things, even if she has to use her own story to relay the message.

“No matter how much money the guy can offer, we girls can get our own bag, we don’t need money – we need respect,” she said.

“These lyrics tell the true story of how I fell in love, while on the other hand it also explains how a good heart always wins,” she said. “So the moral of the story is – be a woman with class, know your worth, don’t be afraid to flaunt your worth, never let any past obstacles bring you down because a good heart always wins in the end,” she said.

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