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WATCH: Spanish YouTuber Lands In Malta With €0 For Social Experiment

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“I’ve always thought that there are two ways to succeed in life,” Spanish YouTuber iMan told his nearly 9,000 subscribers last week, walking down an airport runway to board a Ryanair flight. “The first is to try and adapt to the traditional path and do what most people do. The second is to be very clear about your passions and try to exclusively do what you like. It’s very possible that you’ll encounter difficulties in both cases, so why not take the one that aligns with your values and passions?” Seconds later, he lands at his destination… Malta.

Embarking on an interesting social experiment, iMan arrived in Malta earlier this month with slightly less spending money than you’d expect from a holidaymaker. In fact, he said he arrived on the island with exactly €0.

Speaking about how too many people end up regretting not doing adventurous things or not following their heart when they eventually grow up, the Spanish rising online star told his viewers that he’ll be trying to get to the “city centre” (that is, Valletta), along with finding some sort of accommodation, with nothing but his smile and energy.

“I just need to remember that I have a superpower,” iMan said. “It’s the knowledge that everything is possible, and you just have to try to remember it all the time.”

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Walking out of the Malta International Airport doors and down to the parking area, iMan takes out his only two weapons; a pair of earphones and some good music. 

“I feel like listening to music, dancing a little, and playing the fool, so I’m going to go to the outside part of the airport where the cars can stop then I’ll see,” the YouTuber said.

Soon enough, iMan does get offered a lift, thanks to a Turkish man who happened to be passing by. And just like that, with an approaching setting sun, iMan had made it to Valletta.

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“The goal now is to get enough money to pay for a night at a hostel or have someone invite me stay at their house,” iMan said, walking outside Parliament. “I don’t have a lot of hours of light, so in an hour it’s going to be dark. I’m going to need to be fast.”

Without any shame (and with the clock ticking), he starts approaching people near the Triton Fountain to ask for a place to say, or at least some money. “The difference between success and failure,” a message read across the video. 

By the end of the video, iMan not only introduces his viewers to the people who were generous enough to offer suggestions (and even money), but also the amount of money he managed to make; what appears to be €40.

iMan’s first day in Malta does have happy ending; the video ends with him hopping on a bus, headed to an undisclosed location where he finally manages to find a roof over his head.

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Screen Shot 2018 05 21 At 12 46 01
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iMan has been uploading videos from all over the world for the last three years now, constantly adding a new spin such as the one in this latest experiment. One of his first videos saw him travel from Spain to Brazil for only €155, and he’s successfully hitchhiked his way through multiple countries.

“My purpose is to improve the lives of people while travelling the world,” iMan’s autobiographical banner reads on his YouTube account.

The Spanish YouTuber, much like famous Facebook vlogger Nas Daily before him, is the latest international vlogger to bring a signature style of positivity to the Mediterranean island. 

At this rate, we can’t help but wonder… who’s next?

Tag someone who can totally pull this experiment off abroad!

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