WATCH: Tenants Left Shocked At Landlady’s Price Tag For Derelict Buġibba Apartment

Mould and dirt everywhere, rickety furniture, and a cockroach in the fridge for good measure

Two tenants have exposed the state of Malta’s ever-inflating rental market in an undercover video filmed while house-hunting in Buġibba. 

Until recently renowned as a cheap place to rent an apartment, Buġibba has clearly been hit by Malta’s rental real estate boom. The three-bedroom apartment in the video is falling to pieces, with dodgy windows, rickety beds, old kitchen appliances, mould everywhere, and even a cockroach scurrying around the fridge. 

The tenants were clearly unimpressed, repeatedly remarking that several items of furniture are broken and that the property’s humidity gives it a foul smell. Yet the landlady slapped a monthly price tag of €600 on the apartment, arguing it would have been worth €800 if it was more “modern”. 

“I know the place isn’t modern, but it comes with parking and access to the roof, this isn’t a block of flats,” she says.

The tenants argued it is only worth €300 as they risk contracting a disease in such living conditions, but the landlady stood firm - insisting she will not go lower than €575 monthly for the place and promising to refurbish it later.  

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