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WATCH: ‘The Cost Of Living In Malta Is Really Subjective’: YouTuber Breaks Down Maltese Prices

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Has the cost of living in Malta gone up over the last few years?

One YouTuber living in Malta decided to take on Malta’s prices and show what the reality is for people living on the island.

After uploading videos showing how far €10 can take you in Malta as well as how easy it is to find a job locally, Alex In Malta wanted to explore stores and see how prices stacked up when compared with other countries.

“Let’s check the exact price in supermarkets and real estate as well – what do they look like? Let’s find out.”

Explaining that he would be visiting the shops that he actually uses himself, he explored the prices of everything from detergent to apples to homes to wines.

His video was primarily aimed at people living abroad who may be planning to come and live in Malta. Overall, Alex found that prices were “subjective” depending on which country you come from, but did end by saying that overall, the prices weren’t too expensive when taken in context of Malta being a tiny island.

What do you think of Malta’s prices?

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