WATCH: The Insane Shaking Bed Making Waves At Hugo's Hotel

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Mirrored ceilings, hot tubs and a gyrating bed? There are no two ways about it, Hugo's Boutique Hotel in St George's Bay is designed for maximum fucking enjoyment.

But it's the crazy "moving bed" that's getting most of the attention. A video filmed by entrepreneur Mark Weingard and posted to Facebook shows the ludicrous bed in its full glory. Perfect for those who don't want to have to do all the work, as Mr Weingard pointed out.

The bed can be found in the "Signature Jacuzzi Sea Views Suite" which is available for €450 per night.

The suite is spread across 44 square metres and contains an outdoor jacuzzi in its private terrace, as well as the "unique and exceptional moving bed".

So what was the inspiration? A quick glance at Hugo Chetcuti's website provides the answers.

"At HH, each room, each wall, each space becomes a canvas for expressions of creativity to admire. No space is left bare unless it is communicating something in the entire design schedule."

"The rooms are conspicuous of their colour and creativity that offers guests their preferred and own exclusive space, including white walls. HH’s architectural space concept and interior design is truly unique!"

Unique indeed.

Hugo S Signature  Spa Suite

Who exactly is Hugo Chetcuti?

As his own website attests, Hugo Chetcuti has become synonymous with the entertainment industry in Paceville. 

"From the first day of inception of Hugo's small business compromising of one single property to the abundance of businesses now in his sole possession today only confirms what an intelligent businessman Hugo Chetcuti is," his own biography reads.

"The first acquisition for Hugo in the 80's was the purchase of Footloose Bar and despite the astute businessman's lack of formal training, Hugo still managed to take sole possession of another property and is now the proud owner of various Bars & Restaurants and Nighclubs in his name. Popular venues like Havana, Hugo's Passion, the Shadow Lounge, Hugo's Tapas, Native Bar and Diner, Club 121 and many other places of entertainment are conspicuous of Hugo's true potential as an intelligent and successful businessman."

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Promo video for the 'exceptional moving bed'

Have you been to one of Hugo's hotels? Have you tried the 'exceptional moving bed'? Tell us all about your experience in the comments below.

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