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WATCH: This Is Your Chance To Join The World’s First COVID-19 Reality Show, Starting In Malta

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Are you worried about spending lockdown alone or stuck with your family?

Would you rather be part of a TV experiment where you share your lockdown experience with a group of total strangers and the rest of the world? 

If so, Lockdown might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Lovin Malta is looking for a group of eight people to experience a full lockdown together in a boutique hotel in Valletta.

Lockdown will be the world’s first reality TV experience in the post-COVID-19 era.

The contestants will get to know each other in front of the whole country while the world deals with the aftermath of Coronavirus.

They will first spend two weeks in individual quarantine to make sure they are all free of the virus, after which they will meet the other contestants and spend two months in lockdown together, while the country watches.

We are looking for real people who are comfortable being themselves and are ready to put their lives on hold for the next eight weeks at least.

The show will provide wholesome entertainment and company to the hundreds of thousands of people whose movements have been restricted.

It will also be a time to collectively reflect on how the world has changed and what world we would like to rebuild.

In the meantime, contestants will be able to enjoy human contact and make meaningful new connections with other people in this emotionally-distressing time of social distancing.

If you would like to be part of this experiment, send a WhatsApp message to +35699335251 with your name and surname, as well as a photo or a video clip.

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