WATCH: Valletta Vigil Marks Three Months Since Caruana Galizia’s Assassination

Some 200 people gathered at Caruana Galizia's memorial outside the law courts

Over 200 people paid tribute to late journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia tonight, three months to day her assassination shook Malta to the core. People laid candles and flowers at the Great Siege monument outside the law courts, which has become a makeshift memorial to Caruana Galizia and journalist-blogger Manuel Delia read out a message intended to reach the ears of Caruana Galizia's killers. 

“This memorial is now the bastion of our cause, and your threats to wash it away and to clean it up will be defied,” Delia said. ”Knock down this bastion and we will be here to build it again - not because we enjoy doing this but because we know the road to justice is arduous and the destination is on the other side of a hill where the peak is darkened by the night and hidden in the clouds. Yet climb it we will, and even as you smile in the confidence that no one can ever unseat you, we happy few will stay here and wait you out."

"As sure and definitive is the death you meted on one of us so sure and definitive it is that the day will become when the day will come when you pay for your crimes."

The tribute ended with a rendition of the Maltese national anthem. 

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