WATCH: Woman Threatened After Raising Red Flag On Dangerous Valletta Construction

'It's an accident waiting to happen'

Construction works being doing on Manoel Theatre in Valletta have caused chaos in the streets due to the works being done with no safety precautions.

As shoppers and pedestrians hustle and bustle through the popular street, massive construction materials like skips are being flown over their heads without a single safety net in place, or any safety in general.

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A woman who works in a nearby pharmacy told Lovin Malta that not only is there "zero safety for pedestrians" but that when she spoke to the workers and started recording what was happening she was "threatened for taking the video."

When asked how they could be doing such dangerous construction right above so many pedestrians, the construction site overseer replied that they couldn't set up a safety net because "there's a car parked illegally and he's got work to do."

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Remarking to the workers that when Prince Charles was here last week they wouldn't have let anything like this happen, their reply was simple "but that was Prince Charles."

Upon continuing to record the video, the construction worker then threatened the woman that he will be "coming to take photos inside the pharmacy where I work" later on in the day.

Police have just arrived on the scene after repeated calls to them.

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